Insulated Stemless Wine Tumbler

Insulated Stemless Wine Tumbler

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Our Stemless Wine Cups will keep your beverage cold up to 9 hours and hot up to 3 hours because of the double-wall vacuum technology. The space between the stainless steel walls is void of matter. With no medium for heat to transfer, your drink's temperature will not be impacted by the outside temperature.

The cups' double-wall vacuum insulation prevents condensation from ever forming on the exterior. Hot liquids will not impact the exterior, either. This means your cup will always be comfortable to hold and never make a watery mess in your hand or on your table.

All drinkware is BPA free, FDA approved, highly resistant to rust, absorbing odor, retaining taste and bacteria, and easy to clean by hand.

The clear lid seals tightly with a rubber seal gasket while allowing you to see inside.

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